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LAROS Group has been working in the Passive House space in Australia for over a decade, making us one of the pioneers of the movement in the country. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the Passive House principles and has been involved in the industry longer than the Australian Passivhaus Association has been around.

Since our inception, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to supplying best-in-class products and supporting all aspects of your build with our in-depth knowledge and experience. Our vision is to educate, provide and support an energy efficient, healthy, and sustainable building industry.

With a focus on building physics and science behind high-performance construction, LAROS Consulting is dedicated to helping you achieve the highest level of performance on your build. Our approach is grounded in the core Passivhaus principles of “seal it tight and ventilate right.” We provide comprehensive consulting services for a range of projects, from single occupant dwellings to large multistorey institutional builds.

Our team of experts can help you from the early design stages to testing during and post-build to ensure that all your goals and requirements are met. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we can guide you through the process of building a healthy, energy-efficient, and sustainable home or building that will benefit you and future generations.

At LAROS Consulting, we take pride in our commitment to quality and excellence in all aspects of our work. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your Passive House goals.


What is Passive House?



Airtightness is at the heart of Passivhaus structures. Eliminating air leakage, and allowing for controlled ventilation improves building performance and health. Our panels meet the Passivhaus airtightness standard of less than 0.6 air changes an hour. 

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Thermal Insulation

Thick, continuous insulation is a must, to provide a thermal separation between indoors and outdoors. Careful installation is a must to ensure there are no gaps and the insulation is sealed from outdoor airflows. This improves thermal comfort, and reduces the risk of condensation and mould forming within the structure. 

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Thermal Bridge Free Construction

Heat follows the path of least resistance. So, a well insulated building must make sure that the insulation is continuous and any penetrations through the insulation are kept to a minimum using low thermally conducting materials. When applied correctly, there are no thermal bridges from which heat could escape. 

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High Performance Windows

Windows & doors are typically the weakest part of a building’s thermal envelope; meaning that their performance is critical to the success of any well thought-out building design.

LAROS Structures use Döpfner fenestration products and Roma shading devices for the ultimate in Passive House performance:

  • Triple glazed
  • Argon-filled
  • Thermally broken
  • Double seal airtightness
  • Double low-e coatings
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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Airtight structures require controlled ventilation to bring in fresh air, and remove stale, moist air from the build. By using heat/energy recovery ventilation (HRV/ERV), there is always a supply of fresh air, without sacrificing the hard-earned internal temperature.

We install all the ducting and adapters right into the panel during construction, ensuring all penetrations are sealed, reducing time on site after delivery. 

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